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If you like Guitar driven,melodic hard rock and metal from the 80's and early 90's but like it with a that heavy edge that comes from today's Rock / Metal sound then get a copy of Deep Roots now!! Just read this review.

Sunless Daze Rocks The House! 
The hard-rocking quartet called "Sunless Daze," based out of Long Island, NY, take their music seriously. This is clearly evident in the debut release, "Deep Roots," where they blend life's experiences with pure power rock.

The band has been together for some time, exploding on to the local scene for years before this release. Band members Doug Nien (vocals/guitar), Mike Nien (lead vocals), Jeremy Scott (bass) and drummer Mike Citro have taken their untapped talent and live act nationally with this stunning debut.

The songs on the CD are solid, heavy-guitar rockers and there are several that really shine. The cut, "You Hope," with its heavy Sabbath-like guitar riffs may remind some of Van Halen and others may hear a hint of Metallica. The band adeptly switches gears a bit with the slow tempo start of the cut "Does She Care," with haunting lyrics and a brooding rock sound. But the band combines their influences (including Zeppelin, KISS, Dokken, Skynard, Ozzy, Van Halen, just to name a few) and adds their own distinctive stamp to the whole cut.

And add the song "You Can't Save Me Now," with its deep bass lines, emotional lyrics and heavy guitars that may remind some of Dokken, and you can hear why Sunless Daze is thrusting to the top of the rotation of 'indie' radio stations all over the country.

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